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    SOLO Keeps dropping network connection after 15 seconds


      I decided to begin a new discussion because the “Freezing” discussion is becoming somewhat convoluted.  It is very important that a solution be communicated to the customer base.



      Slingbox Solo 10 months old



      Approximately 4 weeks ago my solo started dropping the network connection while watching video. I discovered that the device will establish a network connection and within 15 to 45 seconds then the connection on the sling box will reset. The network light will blink 5 times and the connection will reset.


      Troubleshooting Steps:

      1. Examined power supply for defects none found
      2. Reset DSL Modem/Router
      3. Replaced switches, DSL Modem/Router(3 times)
      4. Reset the sling box - setup wizard fails to complete due to issue stated
      5. Configured my DSL Modem/Router manually
      6. Run ping tests on my local network segment to check for latency – none found
      7. Contacted Sling Tech support and I was directed to the “Freezing” forum which didn’t accurately state my issue.
      8. Tested using multiple powersupplies - issue remains.


      Current Status:

      The device is currently unusable because it will not maintain a network connection long enough to complete the setup wizard. I am attaching the log from my last setup attempt using the wizard.

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          BrandonC Novice

          You are using Version SP for Windows. Any reason for that? Just curious, doubt that is the problem.

          It sounds like a hardware issue at first. Maybe a bad capacitor like others have found with their boxes. If that's the case it should be under warranty.


          Curious that it is getting a address though after a hard reset. Do you have DHCP setup in the Modem/Router or are you assigning the MAC address of the Slingbox to .46?


          Also what happens when you run a ping  -l 1472 any MTU size problems?


          Only thing I can think of right off the bat. Will look at the log file and see if anything jumps out.

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              My responses are in order of your questions/comments


              1. I tried a seperate computer with an older version of the player installed. I ignored the upgrade prompt during this test.
              2. My router is providing DHCP addresses it assigns the address automatically. I have not created any MAC Reservations in the scope. The default scope is between xxx.xxx.xxx.15 to xxx.xxx.xxx.47. I saw no need to chage it
              3. There are no latency issues or any errors generated when I run the ping command.



              If this is indeed a hardware problem would I be able to obtain a RMA without paying the $30 first?

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              I started out with just the freezing problem (first on my old AV and then on the Solo I bought to replace it in hopes of fixing that problem and the slow streaming issue) and now, after owning the Solo for a little more than a week and resetting it many times, I've "progressed" to not being able to connect at all. Sometimes, the network light just blinks for hours. Other times, after a reset, it doesn't blink at all.


              Tried connecting it directly to the router -- it's on another floor and I use Sling's Ethernet bridges normally -- and was temporarily able to get on the network, but since I don't have a cable box anywhere near that room, I can't test it beyond that (though I noticed that the screen said it was streaming at about 150 kbps, tops, which is not much better than I'd been getting upstairs via the Ethernet bridge).


              I really don't want to have to return the Solo -- and don't like what I'm hearing about the runaround people who try to return things have been getting -- I just want to make it work. And as I've posted on the original "freezing" thread, I've tried the fixes that have been suggested so far. My router seems fine, all other streaming video comes in fine and the proper lights are lighting up on the Slinglinks. Has anyone tried a second router, dedicated to the Slingbox? Could that help? Or would I just be throwing good money after bad?

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                I am having the exact same problem at home and on my iphone in the car where my slingbox solo connects and then disconnects after a short period of time, less than a minute or so. I have tried everything too. It used to work fine for months and even on my 3g iphone when it came available.

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                  I was contact by Sling and was issued an RMA for my device. A replacement device was sent out to me and I recieved it on Friday and I am back up and running.

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                    clairebettag Newbie

                    I've been using Slingbox (desktop) for several years and have been a very happy customer! So when the new Internet / Web service was announced recently I was delighted. WRONG! 


                    I don't think this Internet service is good AT ALL. I worked with eferz (thank you for your patience and attempts to help!) for a WEEK trying to get the system to remember my password. NO GO. I finally gave up. Now, I just log on (every time!), but when I view on the Internet, Slingbox consistently disconnects after 10-15 minutes or so (at the most).


                    I gave up and tried switching to the Desktop program instead, which I have used successfully for a number of years now. Bad news. Now it, too,  disconnects for no apparent reason, midstream. Slingbox has had a good product for some years, now all is crashing. Very frustrating and disappointing, indeed.


                    Here's hoping Slingbox will fix the problem (on the Web service AND on the desktop SOLO), and that the fix will be soon!


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                      My problem is a little different yet very similar. Anybody have a problem where the network connection light is solid red and perfectly functional when not in use, but when i watch on my iPhone, ( mostly iPhone cuz when watching on computer it lasts much longer ) the network light blinks and disconnects, which disconnects my phone but comes back on after a few seconds. Then repeats over and over

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                          I'm having exactly that problem after a year of problem free use.  Solid network light when not connected.  Connect to the Slingbox and after about 15 seconds the network light switches off and then it is if it restarts and network light returns.  Occasionally I can then reconnect immediately or else I receieve a W200 error.  This is my second Slingbox which seems to have failed after about a years use.  This seems ludicrous for the amount of money I had to pay to have something work for only a year.  Did you find a solution to this problem or did you have to replace your box as well?

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                              Sorry. Never was able to figure out my problem. From all I read it sounded like a part burned out inside the slingbox. Sucked it up and got a new box. No problems so far

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                                Finally my network light went off permamently.  This is the second Slingbox Solo which I have owned that almost exactly one year after buying it failed in exactly the same way.  I couldn't believe it so I searched further on the internet and came across several people with exactly the same problem who replaced their power supply and claimed this fixed the problem.  I also found someone indicating that they owned a power supply which had written on it that it was only usable for 100-120 V AC and not 100-240 V AC as is written on the back of mine.  They claim that the part number is axactly the same as mine and theirs also failed after one years use in Europe where the voltage is 220-240 V AC.  I started wondering if the power supply was originally designed for North America and then the supplier found it would also work for European voltage but that it does not work in Europe for much more than a year before burning out.


                                Anyways to cut a long story short this convinced me to replace the power supply.  I bought an Alpha Electtronica SWD60-40560 which is a 5V 5A model made in Italy.  I plugged it in and voila the network light came on again.  30 minutes of solid operation so far.  I am a little upset with Sling Media for supplying a faulty part but happy I fixed it without having to buy a new unit.

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                                    Edge do you leave in the US or Europe. Cause mine keeps dropping me, I had the same problem last year and they sent me a new box but not a power adapter, I called and said the box didnt come with adapter and they sent me it a couple of days later and had no problems until recent which has been about a year now. I also have the power supply that is 100-120 V AC and was thinking of getting the one you got but I wanted to know if its still working and if its for the USA cause thats where I am

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                                        I live in Europe.  I have a friend who is from the States who told me he has had a Slingbox Solo for years in the US running without problems so I thought this might be just due to the power supply burning out with the higher voltage here.  But who knows.  The power supply I bought claims to work from 115/230 V 50/60 Hz so in theory it should also work in the US.  However in principle any 5V DC power supply able to supply 4A or greater should work if you have the same problem I had.  If you have a multimeter it might be worth checking your current power supply to see if it is indeed defective.  Good luck!