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      I have a Slingbox PRO-HD. It was working OK and one day I had to reset it. Now I cannot find it in my home network. I want to set it up, but I cannot find it in my network. When a hard reset it, I get the tow light on the bottom on and the SlingBox logo is On all the time. The intensity of the logo LEDs go up and down. After all this, still I cannot find it in my home netwrok in order for me to start the new settings. Remember I have not change anything in my home and it was working OK until I reseted it. Does any one knwo what is going on? Thank you for your help.

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          Klaus0406 Newbie

          when you hard reset your slingbox, all settings revert to their default original values. the fact that the "sling" logo led is pulsating means that the box is now in an unconfigured state and requires to be configured. the two solid leds, one for power and one for network means that the box should be discoverable on the network. keep in mind that if you had named your box earlier, that setting is lost and the box will now be seen as "My Slingbox" on the network.

          you should be able to run http://setup.slingbox.com/

          and discover the box and go through the configuration process

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              Thank you for your help. However, I need to let you know that what you are telling me is done but when I entered into the setup, the box is not in the network. Like I told you, it was before the reset I did, after that, I cannot find it in order to start the setup. I start it and is says that there is not box on the network. this is my question, why? and what can I do to solve it?

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                  chakkarinen Apprentice
                  I would first power down your Slingbox and disconnect any cable connecting it to the router.  Then I would  program your router to assign the static ip address 192.168.x.254 (where x is the number in the IP address for your router, which might be, or, or, or ...) to the MAC ID printed on the bottom of your SB-HD. Then program your router to forward port 5001 (for both the TCP protocol and the UDP protocol) to ip address 192.168.x.254) (where x is the same number as you determined above).
                  Then, power down your router, your modem, and your SB-HD. Then connect the SB-HD to the router with an ethernet cable. Then power up the cable modem, and after the lights "settle down" on the cable modem, power up the router. And after its lights settle down, power up the SB-HD while pushing in the reset button. Keep the reset button pushed in for 20 seconds. Then release the reset button, open a browser window on your computer, and run the setup routine for the SB-HD at http://setup.slingbox.com
                  Report back to the forum on how this goes and, particularly, any error messages that might be reported.