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    Problems with AirPlay


      The latest version of SlingPlayer for iPad is a great step forward - but I'm having 2 issues using Airplay that are seriously affecting it's useability.


      1) When navigating my Sky Guide the display consistently hangs - meaning I have to keep hopping in and out of AirPlay when selecting different channels or recordings

      2) The aspect is fixed - on my system it's far too narrow and I can't make it widescreen.


      Are there any plans to sort out these problems?

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          I am also having problems with AirPlay. When I forward or rewind, the screen on the tv freezes and I have to switch off AirPlay to see where the fast forward is and switch back to AirPlay once I hit play.

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            Totally agree with the thread opener... Fixed aspect ratio on Airplay is killing me.

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              I'm very unimpressed with the lack of response from any slingplayer support staff. The two issues I've raised are significant and should have been addressed long ago - SlingPlayer for iPad is not 'cheap' software and I would expect it to be free of serious bugs.

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                I've got the same AirPlay problem as well. Only got my Slingbox last weekend. First, I had the problem with no HQ, and now this. Really wish I had read these forums before buying, since AirPlay was the main factor in deciding to get a Slingbox. It's just been one disappointment after another.

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                  Hello darkenergy66,


                  I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with the Airplay option through your iPad. For better assistance, I would recommend contacting Apple Support. Below I have provided the contact information for Apple Support:


                  Apple Support- (800) APL-CARE (800-275-2273)


                  Hope this helps!

                    The Sling Moderation Team

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                      Hi Archie,


                      Has this been confirmed as NOT being a bug in the iOS SlingPlayers? Does the problem not occur when you guys try it out?

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                          Hello sighte,


                          Thank you for the response! We have components here in our lab that allow us to test certain issues. Including an iPad and iPhone, both of which have iOS 6 and we are able to use the Airplay option with our Apple TV with no issues. I would definitely recommend contacting Apple.


                          Best Regards,

                            The Sling Moderation Team

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                          Hi Archie34


                          Thank you for the Apple Support information, however, I'll be happy to contact them but at the moment find it hard to accept that this is an Apple issue when every other app I use works well with AirPlay.


                          Today I have installed iOS 6.0.1 on my iPhone 5 and my iPad (3rd Gen) - I am running the latest versions of the iPhone and iPad SlingPlayer Apps. I have just tested both of these on all 3 of my Apple TVs (current models with latest software versions). The results are pretty poor, worse than when I tried it a while ago.


                          On the iPhone and iPad, and on all 3 Apple TVs, the display just shows the 'waiting' graphic for a few seconds on the Apple TV then flicks back to the device display - this then repeated over and over again. Very occasionally video is displayed on the Apple TV (incorrect and fixed aspect as I reported earlier) but before I have a chance to do any more testing I get an a message 'An Error has been encountered...'.


                          I have made a big investment in AirPlay and in SlingPlayer. All of my other AirPlay enabled apps (costing far, far less than the SlingPlayer apps) work perfectly. I'm extremely disappointed with the 'contact Apple' response, especially as it has taken many months to even get that!


                          If it weren't for the AirPlay problems I would be very happy with my SlingBox and SlingPlayer Apps, but this is a significant part of the functionality I'm looking for, I've paid for it - and I expect it to work!

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                          I have the airplay problem streaming from Slingbox pro HD (connected to a Tivo box) to the iPad 2 (IOS 6)and then streaming with airplay to apple TV (3rd generation).  I obtain a stream from the ipad and then to the apple TV, but when I push any button on the ipad to instruct the tivo, the stream permanently freezes.  This is a new problem when using airplay (was not occuring a few weeks ago), and curiously does not happen on airplay mirroring, or just watching the iPad without airplay.  Does anyone have further insight?

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                              OvCollyer Apprentice

                              I get the same issues as the original poster.


                              I also find that on one particular Apple TV it never works at all - as another poster wrote it just spins and spins and retries without ever sending the stream.


                              The aspect ratio issue has been around since day one as far as I can remember.


                              AirPlay on all other apps works fine so 100% a Sling issue.


                              Ipad3/ios6/HD mode/Slingbox Pro-HD and 350 from a Sky+ HD 1080i25 source

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                              I just got a SlingBox 350 and experienced both of the issues reported here.

                              1) Aspect Ratio problem

                              2) Infinite freeze up when controlling Slingbox using the virtual remote while using AirPlay.


                              For issue number 1, I found a solution that may be helpful. My SlingBox is connected to my Motorola DCX-3400M cable box. The HDMI outputs from the cable box connect to my receiver and the receiver sends the signal to the TV. The SlingBox is connected to the component outputs of the cable box.


                              The cable box has a setup mode that is accessed by putting the box in standby mode and then pressing the Menu button within 2 seconds. It then comes up with a very basic looking interface. By putting the box in setup mode with the HDMI receiver NOT switched to cable, I was able to view the setup mode through the SlingBox. Changing the output setting to 1080i and making sure the aspect was set to 16:9 seems to have cured the problem. It appears that the cable box was sending a 4:3 signal to the SlingBox this causing the aspect ratio problems. I'm, not sure if it was essential that I did not have the HDMI connected during setup but the display in setup was different when HDMI was disconnected. I believe the setup mode knows what type of devices are connected and reacts accordingly.


                              The aspect ratio problem also occured using the Web App on my PC. This is also fixed now.


                              I hope this helps.



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                                esliwinski Newbie

                                AirPlay is now useless to me and frankly the slingbox is almost useless now. It used to be rock solid before ios 6 and the new versions of the apps.


                                AirPlay does not work on my iPad 2 with the latest software and an Apple TV 2 with the latest software. It starts up, but then after a short period it will freeze and buffer and eventually disconnect from AirPlay. If I reconnect AirPlay, the process repeats.


                                And buffering has generally increased overall. When I am not on the same network as the slingbox, basically anything other than Standard Quailty is unusable. I use a Slingbox Pro-HD with the latest firmware. And bandwidth is not an issue as it works on a laptop on the same network.


                                The mobile experience used to be outstanding. I didn't really mind paying $60 for the apps becuase they worked great nearly 100% of the time. Now, they don't work at all and I feel like I have been ripped off. Please fix this issue.