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    Network light blinks & then goes out?


      I have asked this before & just seem to get the box standard response which i have tried!


      My slingbox was working fine & then one day it just stopped connecting to the network.I re-booted it & network light flashed as states does when starts up but then the same thing the network light goes out.


      I then followed the reset procedure but the same thing occurred & it has not worked ever since.


      All cables connected as should be asswell.


      The trouble shooting mentions checking firewall settings,can I please have some pointers on doing this?


      I am loathed to start re-purchasing slingboxes plus slingcatchers.Incidentally could it be something to do with the slingcatchers & if so is there anything I can do to "test" these?


      skygo only works in this country & I like going abroad!