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    Slingbox Solo Power Supply.Free?


      well im assuming that mine finally gave out as im having connection issues and all the lights are on like most are having on the forum.i noticed that SB has a link on the forum flash notice but doesnt give any info just directs u to the contact info to call them.now my question is are they charging ppl for a known issue the 30$ fee? even if we kno the problem and solution? a new power supply is only 20$ and im not goin to pay for both much less buy another that will probally be faulty aswell. can anyone shed more light into what calling them has done for them before i waste time and money to call.

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          jordan.sling Newbie

          Hello nemrod811,


          Thank you for using our forums about the issue you are having.

          With what you are stating, it sounds like there could be an issue with either the Slingbox SOLO or even the power supply.

          Please give us a call, that way we can determail what is the issue. Our number is 1-877-go-sling.


          Hope this helps,

          Sling Moderation Team