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    New HDCP problems


      There are new, major problems afoot. HBO and other premium providers have demanded that Directv and other providers institute new stringent hdcp protocols. HBO is pretending that nothing has changed and it may be true that they have required this for a while. What is known is that some kind of timeline was just triggered in April of 2012 because all of a sudden a lot of folks are getting "your tv does not support hdmi - please try component cables." both of my solo sling boxes stopped working this weekend. I am away from home a lot. One box is connected by component cables to a directv box that is connected to a one-year old Samsung but the tv is off. It's possible when I go home and turn the tv on the sling box will work. I really don't plan to leave my tv on all the time though. The other sling box is connected via component cables to the directv and then passes through to a small new Samsung via component cables. That sling has the same hdcp problem despite no hdmi cables even being used. I think there are serious new issues here. It is very frustrating to not be able to view content that I pay roughly $200 a month for because HBO demands security that screws things up even for paid subscribers

      Am I the only person experiencing this problem? Can Sling provide advice?


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          In some countries this problem is known from years.


          Most of the TV sets in the stand-by mode do not support HDCP. Some of TVs switch their HDCP modules just after entering into the stand-by mode, some of TVs (most of Sony and Panasonic models) switch them off after few minuts.


          If the signal on the HDMI output of the set-top box is protected by HDCP the set-top box detects the switched off TV as a non-HDCP-compliant device  connected to its HDMI output. Most  of the set-top boxes and satellite decoders block all their outputs  (YPbPr, SPDIF, SCART,...) when detect such a non-HDCP-compliant device  connected. It is why your Slingbox does not receive any signal after switching off the TV.


          The simplest solution for this problem is using an active iHDMI cable for connecting your TV. Here is link to such cable: http://ihdmi.eu/cgibin/shop?info=8ihdmi18