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    Slingbox Pro freezes for remote user - all recently with no changes


      I installed a Slingbox Pro HD this past fall - September 2011.  I have a son in the military who wanted access to local programming, especially sports. Everything worked fine - he was able to access and watch whatever he wanted with no problems.  Now all of a sudden within the last 3 weeks, SB keeps freezing on him.  He can connect and gets access, but within the first minute or so, the picture freezes on him.  I have called both Technical support and my ISP provider for assistance.

      Here's the resolution issue from SB support.  We checked the download and upload speed.  They pointed out that my internetconnection is 300 (kps? mps?) and the minimum is 600. They wanted me to check with my ISP provider which I did.  There are no problems from my service provider. 

      And now my confusion.  I have done nothing at all to my equipment, internet service, router - nothing since I bought this equipment.  Nothing has changed on my end.  I have exactly the same service and equipment as when I bought the equipment.  I can't get anyone to explain to me why my son could get SB for 6 months without a problem and now it freezes on him (by the way, he has also done nothing to change on his end - everything is the same).  SB tech support kept saying I had to have the 600 internet service.  I told him I understand that requirement, but I've never had that level of service and everything worked fine for 6 months.  You can't imagine how frustrating that conversation was. 

      Now to make things worse, my internet provider says they do not have any "ports" for the 600 service in my neighborhood (P.S. this is Atlanta - not someplace in the rural outback).  So I can't even upgrade if i wanted to now that I supposedly "need" to do so.  I have an expensive piece of equipment that doesn't work now after having done so fine with no problems in 6 months.  SB support is offering no real solution except to upgrade my service.  I cannot understand why I must do so when this has worked fine for 6 months (and I can't even upgrade to make it worse). 

      Now I have a son in the military for which this was a birthday present who cannot enjoy local sports. 

      Does anybody have a workable suggestion / resolution? (By the way, I am not the most technologically proficient).  I would greatly appreciate the thoughts an opinions from this group, and so would my son!!! 

      Thank you very, very much.