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    Audio, no video stuck at 182 kbps


      Hi all,


      Long time slingbox pro user - working fine, use almost everyday, sometimes remote sometimes at home.  Logged in one day last week and the screen was garbled (horizontal lines through it), updated to new firmware on slingbox.  Now on one of my machines, it just gets stuck on optimizing, I don't get picture or sound.  On another machine I get audio but no video and it stops at 182Kbps - I have tested the ethernet line (hooked it up to my computer and have a 20mb/s download speed and almost 5 mb/s upload).  Contacted my ISP (Verizon FIOS) and nothing has changed on their side or to my account.


      I have also tried multiple different connections (different composite cables, different outputs on DVR, S-video, etc) no change.  I also had powerline ethernet adapters (not at the same speed listed above but have been using them for years) thought that was the culprit so direct connected with ethernet cord.


      I opened a support case, but they are blaming on ISP, DVR, cables, etc


      Could my unit have gone bad?  Been trouble-shooting for a week now and can't figure it out.  Any help would be appreciated!!

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          Maistro69 Newbie

          Exactly what mine is doing except it worked fine until I did the update. Did a factory reset and now I can't even connect even though it sees it on the network. Tech supp is blaming everything but the slingbox and want to charge to help. ************

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            ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

            Hi Springstrand,



            Did you get your Sling Pro working yet ?



            If not, check your power supply.  Your description doesn't exactly fit the profile for a failed PS (many folks report intermittent or frequent connection drops along with dim LEDs on the Slingbox), but it's worth keeping in mind as you go through the troubleshooting process.  Dead/dying power supplies tend to cause a number of bizarre problems.


            This thread has the specs on your power supply:





            Good luck !  If you solve the problem, post back and let us know how you fixed it. 




            - Az

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              Mine did the same thing. Worked fine.  Last week stopped working altogether.  First - no audio or video and stuck on optimizing.  Now just sling mobile is doing that.  Sling desktop gives me audio, and video is green with horizontal lines.


              I hope someone figures out how to get it working again.  I called up and they wanted to charge with the pay per incident.

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                I had to get a new slingbox - I spent countless hours trouble-shooting this on my own and with slingbox support and the final answer was that a new box was necessary.


                Support incident will cost you $30, but they will take that off a refurb unit which normally runs $100, so will cost you $70.  I just got my refurb unit, which works fine, and it comes with warranty (can't remember 30-90 days) so I updated the firmware right away and had no problems.


                I had to talk to a supervisor, but some pro's did have issues, and they waived the cost of the refurb unit, although I still had to pay for the support incident.


                Good luck - my opinion is don't waste as much time trouble-shooting this as I did - just get a new/refurb one.