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    T Mobile vs Home network


      Is there a problem with T Mobile and connections? I can get the connection on my phone on my home network but not when I am on the T Mobile network outside of my home..

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          We encourage you to provide us with further information about the issue you are having. We would like to know if the connection is not successful under certain circumstances or if you are not able to get the connection at all. Besides, we would like to know if you get any error message, etc.

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              I had the same issue but after uninstalling it and reinstalling it it appears to work again.  Hopefully it keeps working.  I have to say, I have not been impressed with Slingbox's customer service.  I don't think I will recommend thier product to anyone.  When it works, it's great, but when it stops working they want $30 to help.  That's just not acceptable!!  Actually it was TMobiles customer service that helped me fix the problem, and their help was free!!