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    SlingCatcher Network Error


      I purchased both a SlingBox Pro-HD and a SlingCatcher back in  August of 2009.  After setting up both devices, things went smoothly for  a few months until I began having problems with the ethernet connection  on the SlingCatcher.  It would no longer recognize any network it was  plugged into and after talking with technical support, they determined  it was a defective connection somewhere within the box.  All was well as  they sent me a preaddressed box to return the unit and sent me a new  one.  This unit also worked well after the initial setup and although it  turned itself on occasionally, everything seemed fine.  Fast forward to  today and the exact same problem seems to have occurred.  The  SlingCatcher no longer recognizes the network it is connected to.

      I was certain there  was a one year limited warranty on hardware defects.  Sure enough, I  looked through the manual and found this section,



      What does this warranty cover?


      This warranty only covers defects  in SlingCatcher hardware products purchased from Sling Media authorized  resellers.


      How long does the coverage last?


      Your  SlingCatcher hardware product is warranted to be free of defects for one  (1) year from the original date of purchase.

      What will Sling Media do?


      If your SlingCatcher hardware  product is defective, Sling Media will repair or replace it with the  same product, or another product with similar features.


      How do  You get warranty Service?

      Please contact the Sling Media technical support team at  1-877-GO-SLING (option #4) to verify eligibility. Once the Sling Media  technical support agent determines that your eligible SlingCatcher  product is defective, that agent will provide you with a Return Material  Authorization (RMA) number and the address of the Sling Media Returns  Center. Returns sent to the Sling Media Returns Center or to the  corporate offices without an RMA number will be rejected.  Upon receipt  at Sling Media’s designated Returns Center, Sling Media will service the  original SlingCatcher hardware product and use reasonable efforts to  send it, or the replacement product, to you within 10 business days.   Repaired or replacement products will be shipped back to you at Sling  Media’s expense. You are responsible for costs to ship the original  SlingCatcher hardware product to Sling Media’s Returns Center for repair  or replacement.


      After reading this, it is my understanding that I should call  and they will determine whether or not my product is covered under the  warranty.  However, when I called the technical support line, I was  informed that it would be a $29.99 charge to determine if my issue was  indeed with the hardware.  Seems like a bit of a bait and switch.


      Does anyone know how I can determine if this is a hardware problem without having to pay $29.99?  This seems utterly ridiculous to me.  Has anyone experienced anything similar?

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          callanish Apprentice

          When you say " no longer recognizes the network ", do you mean you have 'no network' showing up on the slingcatcher screen and the network light stays off? The reason I ask is I've had three slingcatchers, one I sent back and the current two and all have had issues with "no network" on the initial startup of the slingcatcher, and it stays that way until I pull out the ethernet plug and put it back in, and within 30 seconds, it recognizes the network and my slingbox shows up on the catcher's screen. I've toyed around with the idea that it has something to do with my voip phone service and the ethernet switch connected from my router, but I'm still not 100% sure on what's causing it. Once I get the slingbox showing up on the slingcatcher's screen by unplugging and plugging back in the ethernet connection, the catcher works perfectly. It's funny that all three slingcatchers have had this "no network issue'. So, possibly it has no connection with what you're going through, but I can at least verify that all the slingcatchers I currently have and the one I sent back has had an ethernet connection issue where they've failed to recognize the network. Whether this has something to do with how my network is setup ( ethernet switch ) or the voip phone service ( someone else has had this issue as well ), I still don't know, but for me after I've turned on the slingcatcher, and the network light stays off and there's a 'no network' warning on the screen, I just pull out the ethernet plug on the back of the slingcatcher, plug it back in and I'm good to go. Strange, but I've just learned to live with it.

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              alanrichey42 Master

              I have always had a similar problem with my Slingcatcher, which may or may not be relevant in this case, but is probably worth documenting in case it helps others who get this error.


              If my router is rebooted so that the Slingcatcher (which is turned off) temporarily loses the network, then when I next turn on the Slingcatcher I get the 'No Network' error message.  What is slightly confusing is that if I go to the Settings and check Network and Sling Account, it shows that it is correctly connected to the Network and has been allocated an IP address and has logged onto my Account.  But the message that everything is now OK does not seem to have been passed to the main screen.


              My solution is simply to reboot the SlingCatcher by pressing the reset button on the back.   Once it runs up again everything is fine.





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              Thanks guys, but I'm still having issues with this.  When I say the SlingCatcher does not connect to the network I mean both the light on the front of the unit is not lit and it reports there is no network available.  However, like you said, under settings -> network, it still has an IP address and all of other information.


              I have tried unplugging the ethernet cable and connecting it to another router, even connecting it to the modem itself.  Regardless of which I try, the light still does not come on, nor does it show a network.


              Additionally, I have tried reseting the unit by using the button on the back.  However, when it goes to reset itself, it wants to connect to the internet to check for an update before proceeding.  I finally got it to skip this step by using the factory reset option under settings, but still no luck.  No network light and no network under settings.  It does still have the IP address and relevant numbers though, so I doubt it did an actual reset.

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                Hi stepusin,


                You can check out these links to help you troubleshoot this issue with  your the SlingCatcher:


                What do the lights  on the front of the SlingCatcher mean?


                I'm getting a  "SlingCatcher is unable to connect to your home network"  error




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