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    Help needed please for another disappointed Mac user. :/


      So my SlingPlayer for Mac no longer works.


      I see the company is no longer producing it.


      Very lame. And very poor customer support/relations.


      I've had my Slingbox Solo for a feew years, and it's only gotten worse.


      You can't even get free BASIC customer support to asnwer simple questions after 90 days.


      The web streaming version they rave about on their 'kiss off' message to Mac users, lacks the promised features and QUALITY -- most importantly, the picture is VASTLY TOO DARK, even with my Macbook pro at full brighteness.


      1) Any way to brighten the picture on the web version?


      2) Any way to get ANY version of my old SlingPlayer for Mac working again? (I tired erasing it from my drive and re-downloading and installing the last know version (I think to no avail. When I boot it, it just says 'connecting..' and then hangs dark indefintely. I've also reset my Slingbox and have all the port settings right. The web version is working (darkly and dissatisfyingly), so the box is properly configured. I may have shot myself in the foot updating the firmware, but the player wasn't working before the reset either, so I'm right where I started.



      HELP! .. From others who feel my pain..? I guess we only have each other. Cause Slingbox defintely doesn't give a.. non-obscenity hoot.


      Thank you fellow Mac'ers.