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    Slingbox ProHD powers off after several seconds


      My SB was operating fine recently.  Yesterday, I attempted to connect to it from my iPad, and the connect failed.  When I went to the room where the SB is deployed, I noticed that all the red lights on the front were out. I looked to see if the power cord had been pulled by mistake, but it was plugged in.  Hmmm... I unplugged the power cord form the wall, then plugged it in again.  The SB's front lights came on, and the SB was back to normal again.  Then, after a moment or two, the device went dark again, even though the power cord was still plugged in.


      The SB will no longer stay powered on.  I have no idea what is causing this.  The device is only 4 months old.


      I have used the reset button, but it doesn't clear up the problem.


      How can I diagnose this?