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    SlingPlayer Software Conflict?


      I have a Slingbox HD Pro and a Dish Network Sling adapter both running on my new Dish Network receiver, which is a Hopper.  The problem I have is with using either device from my iPhone or iPad.  Before I went to the dish sytem I had the HD Pro working perfectly with both devices, and I could output audio/video to a television.  Since I added the Dish remote viewing app I get the following problems:


      1.  No sound on either the iPad or iPhone when using Sling Player, and yes the volume is up on both devices.  I get one red line through the mute control in the menu, and no sound action changes anything.


      2.  When I output the audio/video from either i device I get a picture and no sound using Sling Player.  It used to work perfectly before adding the Dish software and updated the Apple software to 5.1.  When I output from the devices using the Dish software I get sound and no picture.


      3.  The Dish adapter software works perfectly on both devices but it will not output video from either device, just audio.


      Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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          We're not aware of any conflict using the PRO-HD and Sling Adapter with the SlingPlayer for iPhone and Dish Remote Access apps respectively. A good first test is to connect via watch.slingbox.com and see whether the same behavior persists. If not, this might suggest that there's an issue with the apps on your phone. Uninstalling and reinstalling them should take care of that.


          If the same behavior persists when using Watch, try isolating the fault by eliminating components. For example, remove the Sling Adapter and then try using the PRO-HD, or vice-versa and try using Dish Remote Access.


          Sling Support