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    slingbox pro and wndr3400


      bought new router netgear wndr 3400 (tried port forward using the sling private ip address)


      slingbox network light blinks

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          I also held reset button for 10 seconds and unplug several times


          ethernet cord lights on router and works


          when click on slingplayer sw icon, states needs upgrade, then states can't find slingbox

          so it won't connect

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            If my router is already set up with portforwarding to my ip address for the sling box


            should I uninstall slingplayer and reinstall.  It won't upgrade to the new firmware.  It won't upgrade using the web sling wizard either.  Both say my slingbox can't be found on network.  I can see my account directory that shows data (acct#, ip address public (I think this is my problem), ip address private (this is the one I port forward on netgear router).  This data is from first time I set up sling.


            also my firewall is set to allow slingplayer application.  I have tried to upgrade with firewall turn off that did not work.

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              Anyone ????

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                Matt.Sling Apprentice

                Hi Mark,

                Sorry to hear that you are having ongoing issues. Portforward.com may provide some additional info that could help, but if you still have problems with your router or Slingbox, please call our support line at 877.GO.SLING (877.467.5464) and we can walk through some additional troubleshooting steps.



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                    I did follow the portforwarding for the router per your website.  I can't get sling wizard to work to change the sling account to portforward with static IP instead of DHCP.


                    When I call there is a fee.  I don't get it.  I buy a new router and modem but no support.

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                        Matt.Sling Apprentice

                        Just to clarify, are you using a desktop SlingPlayer or Watch on Slingbox.com? If you are using the older desktop player, I'd recommend using Watch on Slingbox.com as a troubleshooting step and to check for updates as well as configure the new router using setup.slingbox.com.

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                            Matt - my slingbox directory info is below.  I cannot get any wizard to work so that I can update the slingbox info below.

                                 I have tried to use slingplayer version 2.3 as well as the online web here using the "set up your slingbox".

                                 I have used the "Slingbox Network Setup Assistant to help configure your router" (to which it only had me port forward so I used the private IP address below and port 5001.  Again I can't get into any slingbox wizard to change it to be port forwarding as it is set up as DCHP and therefore it is not showing on the Netgear router as a device attached.






                            Below shows the wrong public IP address and I cannot get into EDIT to change anything.  States that slingbox can't be found on network (see error code in previous strings here).  I don't show my ID number but I have one.



                            Slingbox Software Version: 1.4.20


                            Internet Viewing

                            Set Up Complete: Yes

                            Slingbox Public IP Address:

                            Slingbox Private IP Address:

                            Slingbox Port: 5001


                            Slingbox Access Info

                            Activation Date: 09-08-2007

                            Date Last Accessed: 08-11-2011

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                                AndyK Newbie



                                If your using DHCP I'd set up a DHCP reservation so the device gets the same IP address each time, its one less thing to go wrong.




                                Page 5 - 4 onwards



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                                    Thank you Andy.  Where am I going wrong......


                                    1) I only did the port forwarding section in router only (my slingbox is not selected for port forwarding as I can't get to a wizard) and you did not mention it (to keep this as such or remove port forwarding).  I have it set up now on the router as port forwarding (see previous string).


                                    2) My router is set up as DHCP automatically for my internet service provider.


                                         By default, the router functions as a DHCP server, allowing it to assign IP, DNS server, and default

                                         gateway addresses to all computers connected to the router’s LAN. The assigned default gateway

                                         address is the LAN address of the router. The router assigns IP addresses to the attached computers

                                         from a pool of addresses specified in this screen. Each pool address is tested before it is assigned to

                                         avoid duplicate addresses on the LAN.






                                    Address Reservation

                                         When you specify a reserved IP address for a computer on the LAN, that computer always

                                         receives the same IP address each time it accesses the router’s DHCP server. Reserved IP

                                         addresses should be assigned to computers or servers that require permanent IP settings.

                                    To reserve an IP address:

                                    1.Click Add.




                                    2. In the IP Address field, type the IP address to assign to the computer or server. (Choose an IP address from the router’s LAN subnet, such as 192.168.1.x.)






                                    3. Type the MAC address of the computer or server.

                                    4. Click Apply to enter the reserved address into the table.