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    My Pro HD stopped working. Only Power light ON


      My Pro HD stopped working a few days ago.  I only have the power light illuminated and the a steady "upside down U lights"  I get the message " Error connecting....make sure unit is on and connected to the network.  Also check firewall and router are allowing access"  I am out of town but have had my son reset and unplug unit many times. Called Sling but they want to charge me to help and think I should wait until I am home.  He did say that the forum would help me get assistance if I was very specific with my issue.  Reading another post I saw discussion about IP addresses etc.  I did unpower my router at home prior to this event and several weeks ago I renamed my router and encrytped it as well but I'm certain the slingb worked since then.  Also son's XBOX won't connect to the router.  Could I have IP address issues affecting that as well?  Thanks for any help!!!