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    SlingPlayer 2.0 stopped working at office, but SlingPlayer 1.5 works




      I've been using SlingPlayer 2.0 at my office just fine for a few years, but recently the company locked down their DNS service (OpenDNS) so it blocks access to whatever site SlingPlayer 2.0 is trying to use to get my Slingbox directory.  When I start up SlingPlayer 2.0 it says it can't access the internet, so it can't show me the directory.  I'm also blocked from going to Slingbox.com to watch over the web.  However, if I go back to using SlingPlayer 1.5, I can connect to my Slingbox just fine using the IP address of the Slingbox.


      Is there any way to configure Slingbox 2.0 so it doesn't have to go out to Sling's servers to get the directory?  I would like to use SlingPlayer 2.0 and do a direct connection to my Slingbox using the IP address.


      Thanks for any help you can offer.