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    Setup audio sources


      I have Slingbox HD Pro.

      Why does the audio right and left inputs in the middle of the Slingbox don't work for S-video and component ?
      I have three video sources.


      1. The cable t.v. I use Coaxial the video & sound is fine.


      2. The satellite I use S-video and audio right and left on left hand side of the Slingbox.


      3. The DVD I use composite or component, but when I plugin audio right and left inputs in middle of Slingbox, there is no sound ?  Why is this ?
      Does it not work ? I need to plugin on left hand side inputs to work.


      I have 3 audio sources.and wish to make use of all 3 of them,




      If I want sound have to unplug the audio right and left in middle of Slingbox for composite or component to put on left hand side of Slingbox

      input audio right and left of the box for another device that is already in use, that for sound to work ?
      So what are the audio left and right inputs in the middle for if they don't work ?