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    Unable to get past screen that says Verizon Press "Menu" to watch Fios TV, otherwise turn TV off.


      I am trying to watch Slingbox away from home on my Mac.  When I connect, I get a black screen that says "Verizon Press "Menu" to watch Fios TV, otherwise turn TV off." 


      In the past, I have clicked on remote, selected the "menu" button and then I am able to watch live TV or use the DVR.  For the past week, though, I am unable to get past this screen.  I hit menu, dvr from the remote and nothing happens.  I've also tried selecting a channel from the guide but that doesn't work either. 


      My Internet connection is good and nothing has changed in my configuration between now and when I was able to watch online with no problem.  This same problem occurs both on my Mac and my iPad. 


      Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!