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    Guide not showing DirecTV local channels from off air antenna


      I have my SlingBox Pro-HD hooked up to a DirecTV HR23. I have an AM21 off air receiver hooked up to the HR23 that adds local channels from an off air antenna to the receiver and integrates and displays them in the DirecTV guide. I primarily view the local channels from the off air antenna and not the satellite due to what I feel is better quality. I also get additional channels from the off air antenna. My problem is that the guide in the SlingBox software only shows me the locals from the satellite. It does not show me the locals from the off air antenna. I also have the off air antenna hooked up directly to the SlingBox and that works as expected. Guide properly shows the channels when I switch the input to the antenna. However I would like to also properly view them from the guide when the DirecTV receiver is the input. Is there any way to accomplish this?