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    Suddenly most remote buttons greyed out


      Been using Slingbox.com player without problems for a while now.    Suddenly today nearly all of the buttons have become greyed out and the Pop-up player has disappeared.   See attached screenshot of remote.


      What I tried:

      • read the "Read this first if you have an Issue with the On-Screen Remote Control" - issue not resolved
      • Uninstalled and reinstalled the player - both on Windows and Mac  - issue not resolved
      • Tried from a never-before used Windows computer - issue not resolved
      • Performed setup of input source again - issue not resolved


      I can chose a show from the Slingbox Guide menu and that still works, so I know the IR blaster is OK.  But no way to control my DVR in any useful way (access menus, turn on/off, etc).   As I said, all was working fine until today.



      Anyone else seeing this?