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    network error with slingcatcher


      he need some help..


      i have had a slingbox pro for about 4 years now.. i bought a slingcatcher  the week they came out.  and have had no problems what so ever with it.

      i have been away from my catcher for about 3 months.  i knew i was going to be away from it so i decided to just unplug it...


      i dicided to buy a slingbox solo the other day, i hooked it up and did the set up.. when i do the internet set up.. it get to the almost finished do you use any of these products.. i do the manualy port forwarding.. but it is like stuck in this part once i do the test it just keeps bring me back to do it again...


      on the slingbox.com site it says my internet viewing is set up for both my boxes.. 


      so anyway my dad went to try and use the slingcatcher and he just keeps getting a network error.. yet he can connect remotely fromt from the sling.dom site..


      i don't understand what is wrong... it will connect but not the the slingcatcher...anyone have and idea..

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          barbaraharwood Newbie

          Hi vdubnut,


          Thank you for contacting Slingbox Forum!


          We apologize for your problems with the connection issues for the SlingCatcher.  Here are a couple of links for you to check out and see if they help you.  They are: SlingCatcher: Basic Troubleshooting  and another with technical specifications:  Technical specs for SlingCatcher, SlingProjector, and SlingSync/My Media.


          Hope this helps you!

          Sling Moderation Team

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            jamesmccourt Novice

            On 'watch' when the video is streaming click Ctrl and click left on your mouse or 'Alt, Ctrl and the letter 'I' on a desktop slingplayer. What does it list the stream type as? It MUST be TCP for a Catcher to work- Relay or SNATT feeds don't work with a SlingCatcher- it needs to be a TCP feed. Port forwarding is for incoming and outgoing like opening a door. You want to open port 5001 for a Slingbox. Unfortunately it has to be done on your UK home network where the Slingbox is located. Either someone can help or use the free version of www.logmein.com - they download it on their computer and you on yours. When their computer is on you can access it remotely and then access your router. You just need to know their password to get into their computer. There's a paid version of logmein too but you don't need that. Most routers allow you to access them by putting or something into the Internet browser address bar. You need to know what type of router you have then Google the instructions on how to access it and how to port forward. It will be simple but all routers work differently. For example Netgear just requires you to enter www.routerlogin.com in the address bar and then has default passwords to enter-all listed. Basically though you identify the IP address of the Slingbox by looking at the attached devices. It might be something like and then go to port forwarding and open port 5001 for that IP address an also select TCP as the feed. Not UDP or a mix of the two.



            You might have to to get someone to reset the Slingbox after this has been done or it may just work. Try 'watch' again and check the feed before trying the SlingCatcher. Sounds complicated but once you've mastered the settings of your home router it's fine! If there's ever a power cut in the UK you may lost port forwarding and have to reset it.


            Hope that all helps!