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    Have you ever accidently logged in to somebody else's slingbox?


      I am away from home and trying to hit my slingbox.


      So as usual I tried my app on my laptop, it failed to connect.  So I went to slingbox.com and logged in there.  it was scary as I connected to a 'japanese' guys slinbox, I then asked my neighbour to restart my slingbox back home.  They did this, and a hour later i tried again.  i hit a guy in Hong Kong's this time.  I will not share email address but I am worried this can be done.


      In the web portal I log in with my credentials, but once I hit the 'watch' menu, it then converts my logged in user to another email address (2 different addresses so far tonight) and i then proceed to connect to the other persons slingbox.


      Has anybody else ever experienced this before?  Is there perhaps a problem with their slingbox servers today?


      I will go to sleep now and try again in the morning, but this sucks.