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    Cannot view slingbox with New router


      I am in Spain my family is in Florida. Brighthouse cable went to the family home and installed a new Router (UBEE). My father went though the set up procedure for viewing on line. I can watch TV here in Spain via wireless on my laptop. But cannot view the TV using the slingcatcher (ether net cable). I get a "network error" trying to connect via the slingcatcher. He went to the webpage http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-5000146.html but a UBEE router is not listed as an option so he cannot get any help form the webpage.

      Can anyone help?

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          I don't know that brand of router but you need to enable Port Forwarding (I believe Slingbox uses port 5001 so this needs to be opened) and then a TCP feed must be selected instead of Relay or SNATT. Are you using 'watch' on this site or a Slingplayer on your computer to view the Slingbox? If using a Slingplayer hit 'Shift', 'Alt' and 'I' which lists the type of feed.


          You could try logmein.com which is a free program that will allow you to access a computer at the location of the Slingbox (you download it and so do they) and you could probably sort it yourself remotely. I guess looking up the router instructions online would help too.


          That should make it work! Sounds complicated but it isn't that bad.


          Good luck.