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    Can not connect from remote location


      So I'm getting the same error message as a lot of other people, but I can't find an adequate answer, so let me describe my specific situation.


      On setup.slingbox.com, I set up the slingbox (Pr-HD), checked for updates to make sure everything was the newest version, and did the "Setup Internet Viewing" option. I never got to a page to set up my router because it went directly to a page saying "Ready for Internet ViewingYou are now all set to watch TV on your Slingbox from anywhere.To make changes to your Internet Viewing settings, click on Internet Viewing advanced settings." So I assumed my router was fine. The slingbox is viewable in the local network in Japan.


      But when I try the watch option from the slingbox website on my laptop from out of country (US), I get an error message:

      "There was an error connecting to your slingbox. Please try again. Do you want to retry?"

      That's with the newest version of Chrome, with the WebSlingPlayer extension of course. I get a similar message on Firefox as well.


      So right now, the most likely cause of the issue seems to be with the router. But setup.slingbox.com says that there's no issue with the slingbox's internet viewing, so I don't understand how to go about fixing this. I've been using this video below, but it doesn't say what to do when the setup website says there's no problem, but it's still not working.



      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance