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    App disappears when I minimize


      When I run SlingPlayer in Window = Normal mode, the application does not start at the same position where the app was when it was previously closed.  The player is off the screen somewhere.  To get the player to display, I have to view full screen, hit ESC, the the player shows underneath the lowest/left portion of the screen.  I have to move my dock out of the way to grab the title bar and drag the player up.  I do not have this issue on my iMac, but I am having this issue on my new MacBook Pro with i7 processor, running 1680x1050 resolution.  Any suggestions?  I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but the issue still occurs.

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          Move it to a spot on the screen on the upper left hand side and then close the application. It should start behaving after that. The issue is the screen centering code is barfing on the new larger screen real-estate. The upper left hand side of the screen is position (0,0).