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    AppleScript Library Support for Mac SlingPlayer

    ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

      The Mac SlingPlayer lacks many of the features it's Windows sibling has acquired.  Frankly, I'm okay with that- I rather like the straightforward simplicity of the current Mac Player in it's present form.


      Regardless, when the time comes for an update please strongly consider adding basic AppleScript library support to the Application.


      Specifically, being able to call remote control functions via AppleScript would be a massive improvement.  There are currently keyboard shortcuts for the on-screen remote, and those functions are mapped nicely across the handful of built-in layouts.  Being able to call those functions from AppleScript would open up a whole new world for Mac fans of the Slingbox.


      Further AppleScript wishes include being able to call major Player functions, such as changing Video Inputs, accessing extended menu-only remote functions (the CustomXX drop-down options for the remote), and choosing/selecting entries in the Slingbox Directory.



      For those reading this who may be unfamiliar with what AppleScript support would mean, the quick answer is that users would be able to quickly and easily create short scripts that control the SlingPlayer program.  These scripts would enable folks- even non-programmers- to build all sorts of creative remote controls for the SlingPlayer application.



      Adding AppleScript Library support offers your loyal Mac customers a way to further enhance and enjoy SlingMedia's products with minimal effort on the company's part.  Including support for this single feature alone would make the next version of Mac SlingPlayer a major upgrade welcomed by the entire Apple community.




      Thanks for your consideration.



      - ArizonaSackbut

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          rickertb Newbie

          I totally agree!


          i was just searching and i am a little bit dissapointed that is hasn't had these possiblities yet, but for now I am very happy with my slingbox/player...


          It would be great if I can let automater change channels and go fullscreen....  !!

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              ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

              Hi rickertb,



              I've been trying to get AppleScript to pass keyboard commands to SlingPlayer using System Events and window focus tricks as a workaround.  I'm not that strong with AppleScript yet though.  If I figure it out, I can use my Sony Ericsson phone with Salling Clicker to trigger the scripts or possibly build a HID remote profile.




              I've never used Automator.  The keyboard commands you need are Ch Up (=), Ch Down (-) and Fullscreen (Apple-F).  I wonder if Automator could pass those to the Player app ?



              - Az

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                  rickertb Newbie

                  Automater is just for simple tasks...


                  If we can do it with a native slingplayer applescript library it would be best...

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                    karog Newbie

                    Controlling SlingPlayer on Mac with AppleScript would be nice. But  for now it is pretty easy to at least control it with automated keyboard  shortcuts. Unfortunately you are limited to what keyboard shortcuts are  defined. You can however add some keyboard shortcuts with the Keyboard System Preference in the Applications Shortcuts section (left hand side) and then using the + button; select SlingPlayer.app; provide the menu item name eg List; and the shortcut key. Only works for the app, not the browser plug-in.


                    For example, assuming SlingPlayer is already running:



                    tell application "SlingPlayer"


                        tell  application "System Events"

                            keystroke "611" -- change to  channel 611

                        end tell

                    end tell


                    keystroke types chars from a string. key code can type non character keys eg


                    key code 124  -- send a right arrow


                    You may need to use delay between some actions eg delay 3 to delay 3 seconds.


                    I wish this forum had code tags.