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    stuck on Country Locator page


      When I try to connect to my slingbox through slingbox.com...Watch tab, I am taken to the Country locator page, but when I select US-English nothing happens, and I can't get past this page.  Is there an issue today?  

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          Hi gpatzner,


          If you still have issues at Watch.slingbox.com, we recommend you to try a different browser like Firefox. If the issue persists, try resetting the plugin using this steps:


          Resetting the Watch on Slingbox.com plugins for Internet Explorer (ActiveX) and Firefox



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            keith.sling Apprentice

            Hello gpatzner,


            Thank you for participating in our answers forum! The first thing you should do is make sure your browser is set to allow cookies.


            So regardless of which browser you are using (as long as its supported!) you would want to enable cookies.


            When you first go to our site, if the browser doesn't find a Country  ID cookie, it sends you to the Country Locator page. When you make a  selection, the country you pick is stored in a browser "cookie".


            Watch on Slingbox.com (and Setup on Slingbox.com) rely on this cookie to know what country you're in.


            If your browser isn't set to allow cookies, then you'll just keep seeing the Country Locator page over and over again.


            If the problem persists, or your cookies are already enabled, you should try clearing/deleting any cookies (from Slingbox.com).


            Hope this helps!


            Best Regards,


            The Sling Media Moderation Team