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    Digital Receiver CDK-5518-CI


      I know this is a long shot but I'm desperate in finding a way to remote control my no-name digital reciever/cable box. All I can find on it is the brand/model CDK-5518-CI (full manual is in the following link) http://www.mipas.sk/user_files/files/navod-cdk-5518-ci.pdf


      I have tried trial and error choosing different models, other tricks and tips in the forums and the broken http://remotes.slingbox.com (which slingbox refuse to even try and fix)


      I looked through the custom remote tutorial and it is way beyond my technical ability to try and attempt


      if anyone has any idea if there is a matching or similar remote that might work.


      I wish slingbox would have some remote learning ability built directly into the box or some dongle that would help, like other learning remotes!


      This is frustrating especially that the remotes web link is broken for more than a few weeks now!