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    ATT Uverse Motorola VIP1225 slinging weird resolution


      Hi Folks,

      Let me give a quick rundown on my setup first, and then explain the problem. 


      In the living room, I have a 60" Panasonic running at 1080 with my Uverse Motorola VIP 1225 receiver sending the signal via HDMI.


      In my kitchen, I have a 26" LG hooked up to a Mac mini running Lion. 


      The living room is where the slingbox is located.  The slingbox is connected via components.  I am slinging to my kitchen and using the Mac with Safari as the streaming client.


      Here's the behavior I'm seeing.  If I do full screen, and sling from my living room to the kitchen, I don't get actual full screen.  I'll have blackbars on the top and bottom.  I have confirmed that the bandwidth is 8mbs (on my wired LAN). 

      If I turn on my Panasonic, and then sling to my 26" LG, then full screen works as expected!  Why is this, and how do I fix it so I can watch on the LG without turning on my Panasonic?  (I suspect the Motorla cable box is doing some weird swtiching when it detects the Panasonic is on)