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    Connecting to someone else's slingbox account?!




      When I click "Watch" - it suddenly shows me logged in as an email I don't recognize, and tells me that "Ashley's Room" is being watched by someone else. I don't know who Ashley is, and I don't recognize the gmail address at all.


      When I am logged into the forum, my correct log-in is displayed. On slingbox.com front page, it shows the correct login. Only when I click "Watch" is there a problem. I logged off and logged back in to the website and have the same problem.


      I've never seen this email address, and never had a problem with slingbox before before. The account was working perfectly on this same computer only 2 days ago. This seems like a very serious problem if I am automatically being logged in as someone else.


      Please fix this, and I really hope that our log in details are safe.

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          Hi jimaa9mw,


          We are sorry about this situation! We will contact you in a short period of time in order to gather some information and details for our engineering team. We really want to fix this unexpected behavior as soon as possible!



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            slingsmurf Apprentice

            Hi folks,


            We're currently investigating a handful of similar reports, but we still need a bit more information before we can proceed. Can you please answer the questions below to help us isolate the possible root cause of the issue?


            • When was the first time you noticed this issue (approximate date and time, if possible)?
            • Is this issue still happening for you?
            • Have you tried logging in with one of our SlingPlayer Mobile clients?
              • Does the mobile client also log in to a different Sling Account? Is it the same account you see when you sign into Watch on Slingbox.com?


            Thanks in advance for your answers. We'll update you when we have more info.


            The Sling Support Team

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                slingsmurf Apprentice



                We're continuing our investigation into this issue, but we'll need additional details before we can proceed. You were included on an email sent to a few of the affected customers with some follow-up questions that should help us to better isolate the cause of this issue.


                Can you please reply with the answers to those questions when you get a chance?




                Sling Media Support Team

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                  I had a similar issue occur this morning at roughly 10:30 central time. I was unable to connect to watch.slingbox.com and thought it was my box so I tried to reset and went through setup procedures again. The next thing I knew, I was connected to someone else slingbox in the UK. I removed and after several tries, was finally able to finish setup.


                  I've only had the slingbox pro hd for 11 days and thought that perhaps it could be a server issue but then again there are a lot of issues being reported about the hardware so I was expecting that the box was down (even though the light showed it was connected to the network).  I found a webpage that indicated messages on outtages and server issues would be posted on the slingbox support page. There was nothing posted. Is it possible that you guys can post messages when the watch.slingbox.com server is down? It would have saved me about two hours of needlessly going through setup.

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                  I am also experiencing this same issue!!

                  When I went to slingbox.com, my correct account name showed up on the upper right corner.  When I clicked on my account the correct profile showed up.  But when I went to WATCH, the watch page appeared with someone's else's account name.  It would even successfully connect to that person's slingbox.


                  I tried resetting my browsers (IE and Firefox).  I tried to log out and log back in repeatedly.  I have rebooted my computer.  I have tried using two different computers (both on my home network though).   In fact, I could be in a logged out state, and click on WATCH.  The WATCH page would appear and again connect to that SAME person's account.