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    Slingbox 500 several problems (Heat/Fan?)


      Excuse my bad English.


      I recently bought a Slingbox 500 and are testing it for the first time at a distance. I am 3500 km away from home.

      I have previously had a Slingbox Pro HD, which has worked great for several years. I bought Slingbox 500 for a better picture and higher bit rate especially for the Android app, which also was correct.

      My STB-box (Humax) is the same for both boxes. Slingbox 500 is connected via HDMI.

      I am a technician myself. But there are so many strange inconveniences that I ask you for help if you have experienced similar problems or have tips.

      Here is info about my Slingbox 500: Firmware Version 01.10.102, Hardware Version 01.02.000

      Here are the various problems:


      1) The most serious problem is the bit rate falls for every minute. Over the Internet, I can get around 4 Mbits, which is OK, but after about 20 minutes the speed has dropped to 0.5 Mbits. And then it will not be possible to look any further, and the sound is hacking and disappearing. Some observations I made are that speed does not drop as fast in the local network where the Slingbox is located. There, the speed is around 7 Mbits, and sometimes it does not drop at all after 20 minutes, but sometimes it also drops.

      Turning off and switching on Slingbox 500 does not help. The only thing that can get positive result is to turn off and turn on the router or Reboot of the router. I have tried another router and it is the same problem with Slingbox 500.

      Slingbox Pro HD has no such problems, the speed is quite stable. I have both boxes set to stream at the highest speed (HD).


      2) I suspect there may be a heat problem in Slingbox 500, and then gives the error above? It is placed in a good open space. I have understood that reading in this forum that it contains a fan. I have suspected that it contains a fan, as it sounds like a fan starts when I turn on the power. But it sounds like the fan stops immediately within a second. And although the Slingbox 500 can get really hot, I have never heard that a fan has started. I have placed a table fan aimed at the Slingbox 500. However, it does not help to get the box to flow smoothly for several hours, just for the first 10-20 minutes.

      My question to you is what you know about the fan? Is it a standard fan? (Model?) Is it on constant? Or just when needed? Does it have constant speed or increase the speed when the temperature increases? Has anyone changed this fan? Should you need to solder? Or do you have to replace other circuits?


      3) I first suspected that the streaming error might be due to something wrong with Port forwarding in the Router, when the error was the worst when I streamed to the Internet after 20 minutes. However, when I streamed locally on the network, the speed became more stable, but it also drops there but after about 30 minutes.

      I have one of the better ASUS routers, and I have also changed the router. Slingbox 500 seems to have taken Port 5201. I have tried to forward that port as TCP, UDP, both and also removed forwarding without any difference. On the other hand, if I turn off UPnP, streaming does not work at all, even though I have manual port further forward to 5201. I think that's strange ...


      4) I have also wondered if there are any errors in the circuits or firmware that control Slingbox 500 streaming speed. For some reason, for some reason, believe it will slow down?


      5) And then I have also wondered if Sling Media servers can play a role? I do not know what role they play for the bit rate? They should not play any major part, or?


      6) The video picture rarely appears in Slingplayer for IE, and the same for Desktop Slingplayer (Slingplayer for Web). It's so bad that the picture is only visible 3 times out of 10 attempts, turning the power on and off. However, the Slingplayer Android app always shows the image in both the tablet and the phone.


      7) Another error is that the Slingbox 500 can not handle when it is fed with Dolby Digital audio via HDMI, from the STB box. I have to change the STB box to send Stereo to hear the sound from Slingbox 500. I have the same STB box for my old Slingbox Pro HD, and it's works great to feed it with Dolby Digital audio via SPDIF. The problem is that some of my TV channels only transmit with Dolby Digital audio, and then I do not get any sound from these channels when I use Slingbox 500. I do not understand what this is due to?


      8) What Slingplayer do you think works best with Slingbox 500? I think nobody works well. To my old Slingbox Pro HD I have used the old Desktop Slingplayer version It is absolutely superior at all points. It is very thoughtful, and everything works great. Unfortunately, it does not support Slingbox 500. What I bother most with Slinglox 500 is that when I send a remote command to it, TV picture / audio breaks for several seconds in Slingplayern, and also the bit rate is reduced. This has never been a problem with the old Desktop Slingplayer and Slingbox Pro HD.


      9) Any ChromCast icon never appears on Slingplayer apps for Android Tablet or Phone. Have you got this to work smoothly? Have read that some have managed to make it work, but in a fairly easy way. I am very grateful for all your help.


        As it is now, I cannot use my Slingbox 500 at all. So far, it has been completely wasted, and there is no guarantee anymore.