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    What does the yellow button mean?

    Licinius Newbie

      Please view the two attached screenshots. My Slingplayer works fine BUT it doesn't work for the web version (which I need). The light should be green as indicated on one screenshot & which it is when I'm at home, but when I'm away the light is yellow & won't connect. Any ideas of how I can fix this please?

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          Hi Licinius,


          It seems that you are having some issues in order to get the remote connection to your Slingbox SOLO.


          If you are not able to get the remote connection, I recommend you to run the Setup Assistant for the Slingbox SOLO. Just make sure to run the Manual Configuration for the Slingbox SOLO. The following article will provide you with the steps to follow:


          Slingbox SOLO Manual Setup


          Hope this helps!