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    Freeview retuning


      Hi - My Slingbox Pro-HD is connected to a digital antenna.  My Sony TV has retuned to the new TV channels correctly, but when my Slingbox retuned it has not picked up key BBC channels (e.g. 80 - BBC news).  What can I do about this?



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          Hi owenbarder,


          I understand that you have some issues in order to get some of the channels you usually get with your Freeview signal receiver.


          While we are still working on a solution for this issue, you can try to use the analogue tuner as a workaround. In all case, I recommend you to contact your local Technical Support department through this phone number: (020) 7294 0157


          Hope this helps!



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            marlbrook Newbie

            Sorry to have to tell you that you cannot expect any reply, help, or even an acknowledgement from any one at the Company regarding this issue, especially on this Forum.


            It is a problem that has been spreading with the SlingBox PRO and PRO-HD for almost 2 years. It is a firmware matter a but despite being fundemental to the advertised properties of the boxes, or perhaps because it is, SlingMedia will not discuss it here.


            You will see that they reply to many threads on the Forum about other matters, and must have monitored the threads regarding the Freeview Tuner, but have steadfastly ignored it.


            Look at:-


            In particular look at my last comment, and if you ever hope for the matter to be resolved consider the action I have suggested there.

            AND the earlier posts at

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              marlbrook Newbie

              Someone from SLING has at last posted an acknowledgement.

              and on a few other threads.

              Pleased to get some acknowledgement from the Company, after two years.


              I wonder if anyone believes it is a total coincidence that this momentous admission comes after the campaign has begun to bring this matter to much wider attention especially to potential new customers?


              If, like me, you can see that there is a link, then PLEASE help me keep the pressure up. Having an acknowledgement after all this time is one thing, getting the Company to bother to get the HD and HD-PRO boxes fixed for existing customers is another matter.