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    two slingbox in one location

    chuliu Newbie

      I have set up two slingbox pro hd hooked up to two same satellite receivers.

      I think I have connected the cable and ir blasters correctly and I am now able to view from internet.

      The thing is that I cannot remote control the device properly.

      When I remotely control one device, the other will also be controlled.

      At first I thought it was the ir blaster on one device incorrectly send signal to the other device, so I asked someone at the site put a paper between the ir balsters.

      It won't work,

      Then it stroke me that it could be the network problem.  As when I send remote signal from the slingplayer, it was transmitted over the internet to the router at my slingbox location.  Then it was forwarded to the slingbox.  But sinec I have two slingbox pro with the same devices hooked up to them, I suspect the signal could be sent to both slingboxes and then trasnmitted to the two same devices


      Could it be the case?

      If so, how can I resolve it?

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          bobg8zwf Newbie

          Not sure if this will work or not. Change the settings to fixed ip addresses (different one for each box) and set the ports to be different.


          I have a slingbox pro and echostar HDS600 at the same location and connected to the same router, I can use them fine, together or separately, but only the sb pro has infra red extender.