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    No Audio


      Have a SB100 and it just recently stopped giving me audio. The audio will work for a few seconds when I first connect or change a channel then it stops. Anybody have any ideas? The box has the most recent firmware. Video works fine.




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          Hello Gminer,
          Thanks for  participating in the Forum! I have a few links here that you can use to  troubleshoot this issue.


          Sling  Media  Support - Cable and Connector Glossary


          Sling  Media  Support - Audio settings


          You also can try to re-install  the Slingbox firmware


          Sling  Media  Support - How do I update the Slingbox Software ...

          The Slingbox Answers Forum Moderation Team

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            Hi Gminer,


            I'm sorry to  hear that you couldn't fix this issue.


            I recommend that you contact our Technical Support Department to continue with this.


            Contact SlingMedia Support.

            Best regards,


            The Slingbox Answers Forum  Moderation Team

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              I have the exact same problem. Even crazier if when using my iphone I turn off video, audio returns.


              If you get it solved please post the solutino.





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                Why is this question "Assumed Answered"? It has in no way been answered. I tried customer service but there was no interest other than the fee to give it a try. That was obviously a bad gamble...

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                    eferz Expert

                    Instead of Fofo's canned links, how about you explain the setup a little more to me and let's see if we can't sort this out?  I'm not sure which Slingbox is SB100, so let's start there.



                    Which Slingbox (Classic, AV, Tuner, Solo, Pro, Pro-HD) are you using?


                    Which Slingplayer (Slingplayer Desktop for PC, Slingplayer Desktop for Mac, Web Slingplayer for Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox, or Slingplayer Mobile for _________) are you using?


                    Which Connection Type (Component, S-Video, Composite, ANT IN)?


                    During the Setup Assistant which did you pick for "Device" Type (Cable Box, Satellite Receiver, Standalone DVR (Digital Video Recorder), DVD Player, Other Controllable Device, or Non-Controllable Device)?


                    Manufacturer and Model of the Set-top box?

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                        Thanks for your time eferz, but this is definitely a hardware problem. To answer your questions though:


                        The SB100 is a "classic" with a tuner. It's the second one I have owned. The first one died and smelled of burning circuit board at 18 months of use.

                        Am using the latest verion of the SlingPlayer.

                        Connection type is coax (direct physical cable, no set top box). That also answers your next 2 questions


                        Although you didn't ask, the latest version of the firmware has been installed.


                        Thanks again for trying to solve the problem.

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                            eferz Expert

                            gminer wrote:


                            Am using the latest verion of the SlingPlayer.


                            Which Slingplayer?

                            • Slingplayer Desktop 1.5 or 2.0 for PC
                            • Slingplayer Desktop for  Mac
                            • Web Slingplayer for Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox
                            • Slingplayer Mobile for _________


                            One of the tests I ask people to try is http://watch.slingbox.com if Slingplayer Desktop is failing or vice versa.


                            Also testing your Slingbox from another computer or mobile device can help you isolate the issue.


                            Anothing check, is to watch the Streaming Encoding Statistics, and see if you notice a jump in performance while it happens.



                            You can bring this up from either the Slingplayer Desktop (by pressing [Alt]+[Shift]+[i]) or Web Slingplayer (hold down [Ctrl] and click on the main video window).

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                                Yep, been there, done all that. The issue is hardware. I was hoping someone else had had the same problem so I would know if it was just my bad luck (twice possibly) or if there was a larger problem with part sourcing or engineering. Seems it is just my bad luck. I have moved on and I suppose I will award the points and help out Sling's metrics by closing this question.


                                Thanks again for trying

                        • I have this same problem...

                          The audio will work for a few minutes then it will cut off.  I have tried it with various computers, slingplayer and online.  It is the same problem on every device.  ANYONE have any answers?

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                            The Slinbox probably does not need to be replaced, probably the power supply needs to be replaced. I have had two go bad now and that was the solution to the original problem I posted. Sling obviously has an issue with their power supplies, but they aren't going to tell you about it.