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    slinglink turbo 1 port


      I have an older model slingbox AV. I am using slinglink turbo (1port) and they are in different rooms. Last night the slinglink that is connected to the router(Linksys) started to act up. The light started to blink on the slinglink showing the network was lacking connection. If I unplug the power and the ethernet cable and then plug the power back in followed by the ethernet cable it works after several trys... for about 30 mins and then I have to do the whole process again. I tried changing the ethernet cable and switching around the other slinglink. I also discovered that If I leave it alone for 10-15 mins "sometimes" it will start working again without having to go through the process again. The router seems to be working in all over aspects because I can get on the internet and do whatever. Is the slinglink going bad? Router? Or is it something else? Any help would be appreciated.