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    Recommended upstream network bandwidth Mbps or MBps?



      The recommended upstream network bandwidth is 1.5 Mbps for HD viewing.

      Regarding Mbps, are we talking about megabits or megabytes?

      From speedtest.net my connection speed is about 2 Mbps which is 2 Megabits/second.

      Thanks for your help.


      The french slingbox website explain it as following:

      "Réseau large bande câble ou DSL à haute vitesse (débit montant d'au  moins 1.5 Mops pour visualisation HD, 600 Kops pour visualisation SD, et  150 Kops descendant pour un téléphone mobile)."

      1. Descendant should not be mentioned, right?

      2. This quite confusing to use Mops. Does it mean Megaoctet = Megabyte ?

      Wikipedia explain well the correct spelling / usage of Mbps (Bit) & MBps (Byte = Octet = MOps)