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    Cannot Connect Slingbox Solo to ATT Uverse


      Have had my Slingbox Solo for several years, but am just now connecting for an overseas trip.  I have ATT Uverse, so am connecting to one of the DVR boxes and the Router.  The connection to the DVR box is straight forward.  I am using an ethernet cable to the router, so that is also straight forward.  On the Solo I can see solid red lights for both the Power and Network lights.


      The install fails when I try and do the setup online.  It halts at the first step where it says it cannot locate the Slingbox.  I assumed this was a firewall issue with the Uverse, so went into the firewall setting and chose "My Slingbox" and added the "Slingbox" application to the list of hosted applications.  Unfortunately this did not work.


      I saw another blog that recommended setting up a user-defined application for the slingbox with settings: TCP, and Port Range with 5001 for both beginning and end values.  This also did not work.


      Looking for some insight into what may be preventing the software from locating the Slingbox Solo.


      Thanks in advance -



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          Hi PaulMRussell,


          I understand that you are having some issues with your Slingbox SOLO since you cannot locate it on your home network, although it shows solid lights.


          There are two possible reasons for this unexpected behavior: first, the security software running on your computer. Some security programs will recognize the SlingPlayer or the Slingbox as a possible "threat" to your network security. The following article will provide you with further details:


          Internet security and personal firewalls


          Secondly, this issue might also be related to the web browser version in use. I recommend you to check if your computer meets the requirements related to the supported Operating System and web browser versions:


          What browsers are supported by Watch on Slingbox.com?


          Finally, I recommend you to disable the Wi-Fi connection on your local area network (LAN). Make sure to use a direct Ethernet connection between your Slingbox, your computer and the router. This test will allow you to confirm that your computer and the Slingbox are connected on the same local area network.


          Hope this helps!