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    Slingcatcher cannot connect to sligbox due to network error


      I own 2 slingcatchers and have access to 2 slingboxes in different parts of the U.S. On both slingcatchers (which I know are working good) I try to connect to both slingboxes and I get the error "Slingcatcher cannot connect to slingbox due to a network error". Both slingcatchers display both red lights on the front so I know that the network is recognized by both slingcatchers. I CAN connect using my laptop (Wifi) and I when I connect the ethernet cable (which is connected to the slingcatchers) to my computer I can connect to both slingboxs. So since my router works the ethernet cable works and the Wifi works and I doubt that both slingcatchers are bad, I have no idea why I cannot connect using the slingcatchers. Can anyone help?