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    Dish Network Sling adaptor repeated resets required


      I have a Sling adaptor on my Dishnetwork 722 reciever.  When it works I can stream recordings on my PC, Mac and iOS devices.  I use this service with ATT UVerse with 2Wire router and such.  But, after a few hours of proper operation I am eventually unable to stream to my iPhone, PC or Mac because the service cannot locate my 722+Sling anylonger.  I get the error message to contact support, but so far those contact attempts have been fruitless.  Apparently, there is a known issue with Uverse and this setup, but no one will tell me what I need to do to resolve it - ESPECIALLY ATT.  Once I follow the process to reset the reciever, most of the times the service will work again for a few hours.  The failure occurs on the local network, or if I access the service remotely (from the internet).  This is very annoying, because it defeats the whole purpose if I have to physically reset the reciever for it to work.  Sadly, when it does work... it works very well.  What do I need to do to make accessing the Sling adaptor reliable?