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    Slingbox Classic crashes when scanning digital channels


      My Slingbox has started crashing when scanning for digital channels since they switched off analog in my area.

      This happens no matter which version of slingplayer I use or using the web based setup here setup.slingbox..

      It stops responding to pings and appears to reboot mid scan.

      My local ariel is 'Hannington'.

      I believe it is related to other threads on here regarding the multiplexes and that the slingbox does not conform to the DVB-T standards.


      Please moderators, no 'have you reset it' type answers. This is a slingbox FIRMWARE issue thats reported elsewhere on this forum.


      Slingbox please note :

      There will be more and more complaints and bad press as the UK finishes it's digital switchover if this isn't fixed.

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          Example of other customers with the same problem and statement by the UK digital people (Arqiva).


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            Feyaz found the solution on another thread.

            It's not a multiplex problem but an attenuation problem : the signal is too strong!




            I purchased a variable attenuator from maplins which has fixed the problem.

            I've left this thread unanswered so that feyaz can claim the points.


            Slinbox : I owe you an appology, it's not a multiplex problem but a too powerful signal.

            Maybe you should post this somewhere so other people can find the answer!

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                bobg8zwf Newbie

                Thats great and very good news.


                Feyaz is to be congratulated if the problem is fixed by adding an attenuator. I cannot check myself, my arms are too short to reach my box - from here in China!



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                  Hi, my issues are back again probably for quite a while, I tend to avoid the slingbox these days so haven't noticed.


                  with roughly 18db of attenuation I get 8 channels.

                  more than 18db attenuation I don't get any channels

                  less than 18db it crashes and resets.


                  with no attenuation it crashes at the first multiplex it finds.


                  I've had several people ask me how I'm watching TV on my laptop recently. I've told each one to avoid slingbox.


                  Sling... you could have been great, shame you're losing a whole nation, and not even an official answer.


                  Sling media : Perhaps you could put up a sign for us : "If you're in the UK sling media don't care". (preferably before anyone else buys this rubbish).

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                      I've got the same issue and followed all of the advice on the website (re connecting directly to the router etc) but no joy. 

                      I'm very disappointed as it has been a great box and worked well up until now.  I was performing the mandatory digital retune following the reorganisation of freeview channels and now can't get any of them (as it crashes / disconnects at 42%).


                      Hopefully since the retune is mandatory in the UK, Sling will support their customers and provide a firmware / software update that will allow the device to be used for one of its primary purposes (fingers crossed).


                      On another note, I've just upgraded my sky to multiroom HD and was going to get a second slingbox to connect to the new sky box; however, I've put that idea on hold until we know it will work. I'm assuming that the money I've invested in the extras - blackberry, iPhone and iPad mobile players (c£20 each) is not waisted and a simple fix will be forthcoming from our friends at sling media.


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                    I have exactly the same issue - last to switch over last week, tried to rescan today to get anything and hangs at 40%, with either connection lost (through software) or unspecified error through website.


                    Worked fine for many years, but from the lack of response from Sling it might have had its day :-( I hope not as I have recommended it to several people over the last few years, but no longer if you can't see ANY channels.

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                        Many thanks.  I followed the advice of unplugging the antenna at the point where it sticks (42%) on my box.  I had to run the setup a couple of times as my box also stuck on 54%; however, following this advice i've now managed to retune the device with most of the channels present.


                        Many thanks again for the tip, it really works.


                        Hopefully sling media will release an update for the firmware / software that stops us having to use this (great) workaround and missing a few channels.

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                            I second the thanks to others for all the advice.  I get my channels from Mendip which has recently required a retune.  On retuning my slingbox classic I was getting the same problem as others have reported. The retune froze for me at about 45%.

                            I tried the removing the coax lead in the area of the freeze and after a few goes at this I have now managed to get all the main channels back again.

                            Basically on Mendip the useful channels are all in the last 30% or so of the retune.

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                          marlbrook Newbie

                          Sorry to have to tell you that you cannot expect any reply, help, or even an acknowledgement from any one at the Company regarding this issue, especially on this Forum.


                          It is a problem that has been spreading with the SlingBox PRO and PRO-HD for almost 2 years. It is a firmware matter a but despite being fundemental to the advertised properties of the boxes, or perhaps because it is, SlingMedia will not discuss it here.


                          You will see that they reply to many threads on the Forum about other matters, and must have monitored the threads regarding the Freeview Tuner, but have steadfastly ignored it.


                          Look at:-


                          In particular look at my last comment, and if you ever hope for the matter to be resolved consider the action I have suggested there.

                          AND the earlier posts at

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                            marlbrook Newbie

                            Someone from SLING has at last posted an acknowledgement.

                            and on a few other threads.

                            Pleased to get some acknowledgement from the Company, after two years.


                            I wonder if anyone believes it is a total coincidence that this momentous admission comes after the campaign has begun to bring this matter to much wider attention especially to potential new customers?


                            If, like me, you can see that there is a link, then PLEASE help me keep the pressure up. Having an acknowledgement after all this time is one thing, getting the Company to bother to get the HD and HD-PRO boxes fixed for existing customers is another matter.