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    iPad player proper HD option?

    OvCollyer Apprentice

      Apologies if this is in the wrong place but can't work out how to post in the iPad forum at least from mobile Safari.


      Currently the iPad has a medium, high or auto quality.


      What resolution is the highest setting?


      I would like to be able to view the full 1080i output from my Slingbox Pro HD since I am fortunate enough to have the upload bandwidth. The new iPad has a screen resolution sufficient for 1080i so if like to be able to make use of it.


      Can we not just have the same options on the mobile players as the web player? Ie the best, best HD options etc.

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          lolcatz Newbie

          I'd love to know that as well...


          Does the recently updated slingplayer app for ipad supports 720p/1080i?. I have my tv box at home setup with 720p... i also have the slingbox pro hd and plently of upload bandwith (35mbits).


          The new ipad has like 4 times more the resolution needed to display a 720p picture.


          It would be a wet dream (lol) to see another slingplayer app update supporting 720p/1080i streaming, AND THEN use airplay to mirror the stream (in 720p/1080i) to any HDTV, using the new on-screen sweet remote capability recently added to the ipad as the controller. Like i said, a dream