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    Configure source Slingbox solo


      I have been trying to figure this out for a little while, but have not yet found a solution...So I've come to the community for an answer.

      I am trying to set up my Slingbox with windows media center, all is connected and it works fine but with one BIG exception, I can't control media center from the sling player. It boils down to not being able to find the appropriate manufacture in the source list forcing me to select other non controllable device.


      So here is the nitty-gritty...Slingbox solo hooked up to a HTPC via component cables. The HTPC is controlled with the imon remote from soundgraph. So there is no imon nor soundgraph in the setup for the Slingbox.


      Anyone have any idea of other remote codes that work with the soungraph imon remote or any other solution that would work around this problem? Or am a simply SOL?


      As a side note, I am currently using an app to control the media center via the iphone, but it is kind of pointless using a external device to control the sling player when there is a built in remote...not to mention the incredible lag!


      Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.