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    Slingbox cannot be located code:w200




      I have been a longtime user of slingbox, and I've had minimal problems with it, but just a few days ago I all of a sudden couldn't connect to my slingbox. I have tried resetting it, unplugging the power and plugging it back in, and also tried to redo the setup, but nothing has worked. The odd thing is that the lights on the box tell me everything is working properly, but it can't be located when I try to set it up, and just trying to connect through watch.slingbox.com brings up error code w200. If anyone else has had this problem and solved it I'd be very grateful for your help.


      Also just some [possibly] related information:

      1. I recenty downgraded my computer from Lion to Snow Leopard, but I hadn't tried to connect in a while before making the change so I don't know if it's related

      2. I have tried it in chrome, firefox, and safari, and gotten the same message in each one

      3. I disabled all my firewalls in case that could've been a problem, but nothing

      4. Router is a linksys e3000

      iiiiiii think that's about everything, but if there's more you need to help i'll gladly answer