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    HDCP problem




      I just got my new HD PVR box from my cable provider. I have this box plugged to my TV via HDMI, and the Component is plugged into the Slingbox.

      When I turn off my TV, my HDPVR displays "HDCP ?" in the display. When this message is displayed, I don't get audio to my Slingbox, and it is not possible to change the channel..


      I tried to use the component both to the TV and Slingbox, but the HDPVR only gives out 576i, so it is not an option.
      When I unplug the HDMI-cable from the TV, "HDCP ?" disappears and everything is good.. So what I need is a way to make the HDPVR think the HDMI is unplugged when my TV is off, or believe that the TV is allways on.


      I tried with an HDMI-switch, it did not work..


      My TV is: Sony KDL-55EX710..

      Thanks in advance!

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          AFAIK, all devices that are connected in any manner to the SB must use component cables for HD, and not HDMI cables, for all of their other connections as well, due to the restrictions in the HDCP copy protection scheme.   So I think this means that you cannot use an HDMI cable to connect your TV to any other device, if you have the TV connected to the SB.


          Yes, it's a bummer.   Perhaps some of the fora over at www.placeshiftingenthusiasts.com  have talked about some workarounds for this "no HDMI cable anywhere" restriction.

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            sojac Newbie

            Most TVs stop to support HDCP when they are in the stand-by mode. That is why your HD PVR detects no-HDCP compliant device and stop normally working.


            It can be solved by using the iHDMI cable instead of the passive HDMI cable. More info about this cable type you will find at http://ihdmi.eu/cgibin/shop?info=8ihdmi18

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              There are new, major problems afoot. HBO and other premium providers have demanded that Directv and other providers institute new stringent hdcp protocols. HBO is pretending that nothing has changed and it may be true that they have required this for a while. What is known is that some kind of timeline was just triggered in April of 2012 because all of a sudden a lot of folks are getting "your tv does not support hdmi - please try component cables." both of my solo sling boxes stopped working this weekend. I am away from home a lot. One box is connected by component cables to a directv box that is connected to a one-year old Samsung but the tv is off. It's possible when I go home and turn the tv on the sling box will work. I really don't plan to leave my tv on all the time though. The other sling box is connected via component cables to the directv and then passes through to a small new Samsung via component cables. That sling has the same hdcp problem despite no hdmi cables even being used. I think there are serious new issues here. It is very frustrating to not be able to view content that I pay roughly $200 a month for because HBO demands security that screws things up even for paid subscribers

              Am I the only person experiencing this problem? Can Sling provide advice?

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                Have att uverse the changed ot my modem and not my slingbox wont work right