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    Don't want to upgrade.


      I bought slingbox for my new tablet and now I have to Upgrade my slingbox pro. How do I get my money back?? It would have been nice to know that a 30.00 $ program is now going to cost me 300.00$. This is not the way to do busness.

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          i feel your pain. i had checked the requirements and did not see that my slingbox pro needed to be upgraded to hd. i just got it this morning. i was told that i would find "answers to not being compatible but only found the news i had to upgrade the box. dispute the charge with marketplace and file a complaint with slingbox. they need to be clear to consumers about their products.

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            Hi Porkey and pmdiva1,


            It seems that you are having some issues with the SlingPlayer for  Android Tablets due to the incompatibility of your units.


            We are really sorry about this situation. However, if you check the information available in our website you will find that the supported units are the Slingbox SOLO and the Slingbox PRO-HD:


            Android Tablets


            Devices and Requirements


            Besides, this information is also available through the Google Market Place.


            You can contact the Google Market Place in order to ask for the refund, according to their policies.