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    Cannot login to Sling account from one PC


      This is Slingplayer, not a Slingbox problem. My Solo has been up and running without a problem for a year or so, and it still runs fine. But I recently installed Slingplayer on a new (old) computer, and Sling player refuses to connect to my account. I CAN watch my solo locally on this PC, and Slingplayer works fine on several other PCs, but on this PC Slingplayer reports that I have no internet connection, even though I am connected and browsing. Since Slingplayer won't let me login, I cannot connect to my other Solo. I have slingplayer added to my firewall whitelist, so the firewall should not be a problem. I get no error messages except from Slingplayer itself (telling me I need to connect to the Internet!) Why does Slingplayer think I have no Internet connection, when I obviously do? How can I get Slingplayer to properly recognize my Internet connection? Using Slingplayer 2 on WinXP.