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    Set up slingbox cannot see my slingbox


      I have been trying to reset up my slingbox for a year now. I moved to a new home but same ISP (have been using the same slingbox for 3 years) and it worked well for about two weeks after the move. But then it stopped working outside of the house - so no remote viewing. When I open the slingbox.com website it shows me the information on my slingbox but when I tried using Set.up.slingbox.com but it cannot see my slingbox. I went through support and followed the instructions in setting up my Netgear WN3800 Router, but still Set.up.slingbox.com cannot see my Slingbox and I cannot use it outside of my house ( and I have to 50inch flats that I can already see my programs on as I use this for watching TV overseas). Any one have any ideas?