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    Discover Something with Slingbox Pro-HD instability


      As I had hard reset back to factory setting for more than 30 times.


      Here are some findings and hope slingbox engineer can check and improve on its work:


      (1) When setup the slingbox system with Apple Extreme, if the IP set as 10.0.x.x, it will easily to generate the error code W202, W211 via using slingbox.com to watch on the web.


      (2) After change the router setting to 192.168.x.x, the web slingplayer become more stable but every 5 mins, the stremeing rate will become from 2000+k bps to less than 200k bps. Thus the video will become unwatchable and discountiued. However, the connection will remain on-line and after 1 min the streming rate will back to normal 2000+k bps.


      (3) After carefully watch the streming sitatuion for 1.5 hrs, the streming ups and downs will periodically occurred every 5 min and with 1 min. low bit rate.

      However, during this period of time, there will have no error code generated


      As been firmware engineers by myself for developing video product for MID and mobile devices, such situation may occurred by:


      (1) Buffer stack overflow and not able to be clear within the firmware.


      (2) Slingbox web server migh try to stremeing buffer within the system but inefficiently to be done with current programming flows.


      Please do check with either one of above possible cuase to imprve on your "great product ", slingbox Pro-HD !!