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    Hugely different picture quality between laptop and desktop LCD


      Hey guys,


      I have a Pro-HD I use over my home network.  Speeds are plenty fast, everything works great, etc.  However, I've noticed that when I tune into my Slingbox via my desktop computer, the picture quality is much, much worse than it is when I watch via my laptop.  The desktop LCD monitor I'm using is far from top of the line but it's nice enough, and it handles other video (e.g., Netflix, MLB.TV, videos streamed over home network) flawlessly. 


      To be more specific, I see "lines" or "waves" in the picture, which are particularly noticeable when watching sports.  The Slingplayer indicates my speeds are 8500+ kbps.  I also don't believe connection speed is an issue because my laptop maintains a far superior picture when its connection speed is half that. 


      The picture on my laptop (which is also far from top of the line) is immaculate. 


      Anyone have any idea what could be causing such a difference in picture quality?  I am beside myself.  Thanks for any insights or suggestions.